Q Do Roker Pier Tours operate all year round?

A Unfortunately not.  Due to extreme weather conditions over the winter months the Pier may be closed at short notice, which we have no control over.  This would result in tours having to be cancelled at short notice.  Our operating months are normally April to October.


Q Do I have to book or can I just turn up?

A All bookings must be made online on our website; www.rokerpier.co.uk/bookatour.


Q Can I book a private tour?

A We do offer private tours and all enquiries must be made at rokerpier@outlook.com.


Q Are tours suitable for visitors with limited mobility?

A Due to the ship like ladder from the tunnel to the lighthouse and the many steps to the top of the lighthouse, unfortunately our tours are not suitable for anyone with limited mobility.


Q Are tours suitable for children?

A Yes our tours are suitable for children but they must be accompanied by an adult.   Also they must be at least 1.1m tall, due to safety restrictions.


Q Do you do concessions?

A We do have a child concession rate.  Whilst we do not offer a concessionary rate for adults, we endeavour to keep a low overall price for all of our tours.


Q Do you do gift vouchers?

A Yes – we have a gift voucher option for all of our tours, which can be bought online at: www.rokerpier.co.uk/shop.


Q Do you ever cancel tours?

A On occasion, tours do have to be cancelled due to the Pier being closed because of bad weather, which is out of our control.  As soon as we are aware of the closure of the Pier an email will be sent informing you that the tour is cancelled.  A refund will be issued immediately.


Q Are dogs allowed?

A Unfortunately dogs are not allowed on any part of our tour.  Dogs would be unable to climb the ship like ladder from the tunnel to lighthouse.


Q Are there any special requirements?

A Due to the nature of our tours we advise that suitable waterproof footwear such as walking boots or wellingtons, should be worn.

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