5 top tips for entering our photography competition

20.06.16 10:30

On the 1st June we were really excited to announce our photography competition to you all.

We’re so pleased to say that we’ve already had lots of interest from people with a whole range of photography experience which is fantastic as we want everyone to get involved!

If you’re not sure where to start, or maybe you’re looking for some top tips to help you take the best photo you can, then we’re here to help. We’ve had a little chat with one of the judges and a photographer and we’ve put together 5 bits of advice you may wish to think about when taking or submitting your photos.

Check the background
Often when taking a photo we can focus on one aspect in particular so much that we miss what’s going on in the background. To avoid distracting elements, before taking your photo have a careful look across the whole frame to make sure there isn’t anything which could distract from the focal point you have chosen to highlight – lampposts, bins, people or litter can all reduce the impact of your photo and take attention away from your intended focus.

Straight Horizons
It only makes sense that you’ll want to take a few snaps of the lighthouse and pier as it’s such a famous structure and landmark here in Sunderland. When taking your photo try and make sure the horizon is as straight as possible as this will help give your photo a better finish.

Choose your favourites
Take the time to go through your potential entry submissions to find the very best shots you have. You may even find it helpful to share your photos with friends or family and find out which ones they like best. Then you know which of your photos are the best and appeal to different people to help your chances of winning.

Think outside the box
Be creative and original, and as imaginative as you want– there’ll be a lot of entries so you’ll want your photo to be unique so it stands out from the crowd. Try different angles, focal points or walk around the area to find a new point of view of Roker, Seaburn or Sunderland.

Check the T&Cs
We want everyone to have a fair chance to have their favourite photos that they’ve taken reviewed by our panel of judges. So make sure your photo makes it through to the judging process (and therefore has the chance to win!) by taking a look and the terms and conditions to check your submission ticks all the boxes before entering. 

If you're planning to enter the competition, we wish you the best of luck and we can't wait to see your entries! 

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