16.09.16 10:30

The first public tours of Roker Lighthouse have taken place

Last week, the Heritage Open Days on 8th-11th September saw us open our doors to the public for the very first time, as part of the next phase of Roker Pier & Lighthouse’s development.

As restoration of our iconic lighthouse was completed earlier this month, the Roker Heritage Group was able to open up the lighthouse for tours for the first time in the lighthouse’s 113-year history!

Following years of hard work by so many different people and organisations, to be able to open up the lighthouse for the first time was an incredible moment for us.  The lighthouse has stood testament to so many events in Sunderland and it has an unbelievably rich heritage of its own too – so to be able to share this history with members of the public and to give people the chance to see Sunderland from a completely different vantage point was fantastic.

Visitors commented that they were really impressed by the high standard of restoration work – which was great to hear! The lighthouse has been restored sympathetically, taking it back to the way it would have looked when it was first built in 1903. We’re pleased people were appreciative of the level of work and craftsmanship shown and more of you will be able to see it very soon.

Throughout the weekend, six fully-booked tours took place as part of Heritage Open Days.  A nationwide heritage festival, the open days offer the public an opportunity to access and explore architectural and cultural attractions for free each September.

The Heritage Open Days are a great chance for people to explore their local areas and find out more about the heritage of where they live. We hope the tours of the lighthouse helped to spark an interest in our area’s history and we look forward to welcoming more visitors to the lighthouse with regular tours due to start later this Autumn.

A new entrance structure to the pier’s tunnel from the shore is due to commence next year, allowing us to be able to open the lighthouse, pier and tunnel for tours early in 2017. So, watch this space and make sure you sign up to our newsletter to get updates straight to your inbox.

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