Roker Lighthouse scouted for Coronation Street film location

28.03.18 10:00

There is something unusual that you may not know about the latest Coronation Street storyline … it was almost set in Sunderland, using Roker Pier and Lighthouse for the filming of Phelan’s demise.

Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan looks set for a watery exit from the show next week when he and Eileen Grimshaw take a trip to the seaside – which doesn’t go exactly to plan.  We’re not revealing any spoilers here for those who don't want to know - but the TV and soaps magazines have all of the spoilers you could possibly want. And you can find out more via the Coronation Street Blog too.

Late in 2017 when Coronation Street were scouting for a location to film Phelan’s descent into the murky depths, their location manager arrived in Sunderland for a look at the pier and lighthouse.  Several piers and lighthouses around the coast were viewed by Coronation Street to assess their suitability for filming the scenes. We kept our fingers crossed that we would be chosen, but alas it was not to be. 
The location chosen by ITV was Whitehaven where scenes showing Pat Phelan and Eileen Grimshaw were filmed on a boat. You can see some of the pictures here

Did you know… ? Roker Pier and Lighthouse was used in a film called Unconditional, a north-east gangster film. You can watch the promo here

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