Sunderland’s Secret Lighthouse - on Newcastle Road

21.06.18 15:00

Did you know that there was once a lighthouse on Newcastle Road in Sunderland?

The Lighthouse Buildings stood on the Wheatsheaf corner at the west end of Roker Avenue. 

It was built in the 1870s by Mr Wills. He was a local businessman and shopkeeper who had come into a large inheritance. And with his new found wealth he built premises in Roker Avenue before adding the lighthouse a little later. 

Its design was loosely based upon the lighthouse that stood at the end of the old Pier during the latter half of the nineteenth century. 

It would seem that Mr Wills intended lighting a lamp in his lighthouse. But this idea had to be abandoned when the port authorities vetoed it, saying that it would mislead shipping which was heading for the River Wear. 

With thanks to The Sunderland Echo for this interesting snippet. You can read the full article at The Sunderland Echo website.

Photograph courtesy of Sunderland Antiquarian Society


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