The Tall Ships Races 2018

17.01.18 13:45

The Tall Ships race, an internationally renowned event, is coming to Sunderland.

Sunderland has been chosen as the host port for start of the Tall Ships races 2018! The city will welcome around 80 Tall Ships travelling from all around the world to take part. Over the four day celebration, the city will be alive with activity. A captivating programme of entertainment for all the family will be delivered stretching from Roker & Seaburn to the City Centre, with each day offering something different.

Wednesday 11th July

All ships should have arrived by lunchtime and once docked, some will open at specific times allowing visitors on-board to explore their beauty.

Thursday 12th July

The Crew Parade will commence once all ships have arrived. The Parade is seen as a way of thanking the host port for their hospitality, welcoming all of the public to join in with the celebrations. The Parade will conclude with a prize-Giving Ceremony for both the ships and individuals.   

Friday 13th July

The festivities will continue across the city with a full programme of entertainment and activities available all day for the full family to enjoy. As the beginning of the race looms, official race business starts to get serious, as the Captains receive their briefing from Sail Training International officials.

Saturday 14th July

Saturday will see the final activity of the Tall Ships event, the Parade of Sail.  All of the ships will undock and sail out towards the North Sea, officially beginning the race and bidding farewell to the City of Sunderland.

Roker will offer spectacular viewing points of the Tall Ships, particularly when the ships are arriving and during the Parade of Sail. For more information on the Tall Ships event, please visit

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