Watch us on BBC1 on Friday!

31.01.18 08:30

Tune in to BBC1 (NE &Cumbria) at 7:30pm on Friday 22nd to find out more about the Roker Pier and Lighthouse project.

The new series of Sea Cities has chosen to focus on Sunderland in its first episode, exploring tales of the River Wear’s life and trade. The show will be narrated by Chris Jackson and will give viewers an insight into the people of Sunderland who have devoted their time to its River and coastline.

The programme features the New Northern Spire Bridge, the aircraft carrier HMS Ocean and the regeneration of Sunderland’s Roker Pier & Lighthouse. After 6 years of planning and construction, the restoration of the pier, tunnel & lighthouse is soon to be complete with tours launching in the Spring.

The programme will feature a number of the Roker Heritage Group volunteers including our Chair, Phil Tweddell. Phil is the grandson of William Emmerson, one of the longest serving lighthouse keepers of Roker Lighthouse. Phil will be sharing his memories of his grandfather and the lighthouse on the programme, giving a personal insight into the landmark’s rich heritage. He will also be sharing his views on the restoration of the structure and the preparations for being one of the tour guides when they launch in the Spring.

An hour long version of Sea City will also be available to watch on Thursday 15th February at 8:00pm. Both programmes can be watched after they have been aired on BBC IPlayer.

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